A Song of Ice & Fire: Darkstar's Retinue

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Ser Gerold Dayne's personal guard has no formal name but are simply known as Darkstar's Retinue. They clothe and armor themselves in the manner of their lord and follow in his footsteps in both manner and fighting style.

They're best employed on flanks and far from other units. There they wait patiently for their moment, then dash forward to strike like vipers, inflicting heavy casualties and sowing panic. They can remain in the fight to finish off what few opponents remain or retreat to the flanks to await their moment again. In their element they're a fearsome, deadly force that only a foolish enemy would ignore.

Plastic components.

Approximate Height:
  Sentinel: 38mm
  Bannerman: 57mm
  Retinue A: 38mm
  Retinue B: 37mm
  Retinue C: 36mm
  Retinue D: 37mm

13 Miniatures (30mm Bases)
  ‣ 1 High Hermitage Sentinel
  ‣ 1 Bannerman
  ‣ 11 Darkstar Retinue
1 Unit Card
1 Attachment Card
1 Movement Tray