Speedpaint: Starter Set 2.0

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Get started with Speedpaint, the all-in-one, one-coat painting solution. In the Speedpaint Starter Set 2.0, you will find all the basic colours AND one of our industry-first Speedpaint Metallics, giving you everything needed to begin painting beautiful tabletop-quality miniatures in no time. Simply apply one rich coat of Speedpaint directly over a primed miniature and you are done!

Combined with an innovative resin medium solution that flows perfectly over your miniatures creates an unparalleled painting solution to help you get more time for gaming.

All Speedpaints come with two high-grade stainless steel Mixing Balls already loaded in the bottle, making it easier for you to get the perfect consistency.

10 Paints (18ml)
  ‣ Pallid Bone
  ‣ Zealot Yellow
  ‣ Broadsword Silver
  ‣ Slaughter Red
  ‣ Satchel Brown
  ‣ Purple Swarm
  ‣ Beowulf Blue
  ‣ Orc Skin
  ‣ Peachy Flesh
  ‣ Grim Black
1 Brush
1 Painting Guide